Throwback Thursday to our successful partnership with GeoLinks

I&D is proud to have partnered with GeoLinks who is known as a thought-leader in closing the digital divide! I&D has successfully completed over 75 leases for GeoLinks since 2016 to assist in bringing highspeed broadband to remote areas in California. I&D’s leasing team works hand-in-hand with the GeoLinks infrastructure team to complete remote buildouts in record time. I&D understands the importance of identifying a site, cultivating the relationship with the Landlord and executing a lease within 30-60 days. I&D’s leasing efficiency allows for GeoLinks to be successful in their rapid deployment of new networks across California.

In 2017, GeoLinks was ranked #604 in the fastest growing private companies Inc. Magazine 5000 list! GeoLinks has successfully scaled their commercial network while also partnering with government agencies such as CENIC, to close the digital divide in California. In March of 2018, CENIC recognized GeoLinks as the CENIC 2018 Innovations in Networking Award for Corporate Partnership. CENIC President and CEO Louis Fox stated, “GeoLinks has become an important ally in our efforts to address broadband-access inequities in California”.

Value of GeoLinks to CENIC and California:

  • Bringing highspeed broadband to:
    • K-12 Schools
    • The University of California’s Division of Agriculture and Natural resources (UCANR)
    • Public libraries
    • Health Care Facilities
    • Research Sites
  • Communities with limited or no broadband access due to:
    • Remote locations
    • Challenging terrains
  • Impact: GeoLinks is a thought-leader in closing the digital divide
    • Rapid network deployment: 9-12 months to complete a remote network
    • Cost: ClearFiber utilizes carrier-grade equipment and provides telecom-grade broadband service with the same latency and jitter as fiber for a fraction of the cost
    • Sustainability: buildouts utilizing solar and wind-powered telecommunications facilities

Below are recent articles on the impact that GeoLinks has had on the telecom industry:

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