Throwback Thursday to our successful partnership with Bloom Energy

I&D is proud to have partnered with Bloom Energy to assist with changing the model of the 100-year-old electric utility industry! I&D and Bloom Energy partnered to develop and mentor the in-house Bloom Energy development team to effectively manage all aspects of the development process necessary to install fuel cells across America.

Home Depot is one of the first major corporations to partner with Bloom Energy. They have successfully installed fuel cells at 140 stores and also use fuel cells to power their forklifts at 2 distribution centers.

Value of the Bloom Energy Fuel Cells to Home Depot:

  • Productivity:
    • Home Depot’s electricity costs are 15-20% less than if Home Depot bought from the grid
    • The Bloom Energy fuel cells provide predictability in costs as well as lower overall energy costs
  • Sustainability:
    • Bloom Energy’s clients have a lower carbon footprint
    • Since 2014, Home Depot’s emissions have been reduced by 50 million pounds due to the installation of Bloom Energy fuel cells
      • That is equivalent to 48 hundred cars being removed from the roads

Below is an interview on CNBC with Bloom Energy, Home Depot and the Southern Company regarding their partnership: Fuel cell driven partnership provides energy storage

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